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date : 05-07-17 09:24
Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments here.
 name : Jee-yoo
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This is a Free BBS for international customers.
You don't need to register to use this BBS.
(I'm sorry to tell you that international visitors can't register right now.)
We will be happy to hear from you.

ryochan 06-08-01 15:33
답변 삭제  
  Hello Beautiful Hypermaniac Company!
I am in love with new 2006 girls. I await release patiently.
Thank you for beautiful dolls!
Laurel 06-12-01 01:24
답변 삭제  
  Hello, I just placed an order for beautiful Ishta but am sure sure the order went thru. Message said - 사용권한이 없습니다 ? I do not want to duplicate the order, can you please help? Thanks You. Laurel
HyperMania… 06-12-02 14:59
  It will be started to sell from Dec 2, 2006 Only through paypal.
The current selling page is only for test purpose, which has the wrong information
on the price and product details.

The orders will be cancelled by now.
I trully apologize for this confusion.
ringo_031 06-12-26 21:13
답변 삭제  
  Hi, I'm new to dollfies and it's totally love at first sight with your Ksy!

I'm wondering if she's still available for orders?

Pretty please and thanks for your time!